Vegan Gluten Free Supreme

Our Vegan Supreme is a cut above the rest! Fresh, local veggies meet Beyond Meat toppings – protein-packed, gluten-free, dairy-free goodness! When’s dinner?
INGREDIENTS:Crust (Water, White Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Tapioca Starch, Brown Rice Flour, Whole Grain Sorghum Flour, Non-GMO Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, Yeast, Organic Cane Sugar, Baking Powder, Salt, Xanthan Gum), Mozzarella Style Shreds (Filtered Water, Tapioca Flour, Non-GMO Expeller Pressed Canola and/or Non-GMO Expeller Pressed Safflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Pea Protein*, Salt, Vegan Natural Flavours, Inactive Yeast, Vegetable Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Titanium Dioxide), Sauce (Tomatoes, Tomato Juice, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt, Garlic, Oregano), Topping Mushrooms, Green Pepper, Black Olives, Red Pepper, Red Onion, Beyond Meat Feisty Beef-Free Crumble (Water, Pea Protein Isolate*, Canola and Sunflower Oil, Spice, Rice Flour, Tomato Powder, Sugar, Potassium Chloride, Contains 0.5% or less: Yeast Extract, Citric Acid, Tapioca Maltodextrin, Onion Extract, Acacia Gum, Salt, Chili Pepper Extract, Natural Flavor, Garlic Extract, Paprika Extract) (For Color) *Peas are legumes. People with severe allergies to legumes like peanuts should be cautious when introducing pea protein into their diet because of the possibility of a pea allergy. Contains no peanuts or tree nuts.
  1. Preheat oven and bake at 450˚F (235˚C). Keep pizza frozen while preheating oven.
  2. Remove frozen pizza from box and overwrap. Place pizza directly on center oven rack (6-8 inches from bottom of oven).
  3. Bake 14-18 minutes. Your oven temperature may vary so adjust baking time & oven temperature as necessary.
  4. Pizza is done when cheese is melted & edges are golden brown. Please use care when handling pizza. Let stand 5 minutes before enjoying.